Ant Egg Oil Hair Removal

Is ant egg oil for using hair removal or hair reducing?

Tala ant egg oil is not for hair removal, it is not a hair removal cream. Ant egg oil is for hair reducing…

It is permenant solution for hairs…

Hair reducing is more useful than hair removal so you have to choose ant egg oil for permenant solution.

You could buy from our products page… There is no hair removal ant egg oil. It is permenant solution for hair.

Ant egg oil hair removal post is here.

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    what is the mode of payment? how much the shipping cost of 5 plus 1 bottles here in the philippines? or is that consider as free shipping? how many days before i receive this oil? and lastly good for how many appllication for one bottle of ant oil?

    Wow ant egg oil, that is a new one for me. I’ll have to give it a try and report back. The only other type of natural hair growth inhibitor that i am familiar with is tumeric. It has a slight effect, maybe the ant egg oil will be more effective.

    i want body hair removing oil

    i want ant egg oil i m from pakistan can u send it to me

    @ bryan

    If you want permanent hairless skin, you could buy oil or cream.

    They have same effect, they are not different products. One of them is oil so liquid and the other one is cream, solid.

    Best Regards…

    so i don’t understand, if i want permanent hairless skin do i buy the oil or the cream ??

    @ parvaneh

    It will be there in 7-10 days.

    Best Regards…

    Hi I live in Canada can u please tell me how long does it take to recieve this oil?

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