Would you like to become a dealer for our company?

We would like to invite you to be our dealer in your area. We understand that our dealers should have significant profit to work with us.

The target number of dealers: 186 (That is the number of all countries)

Target countries for the dealers: All countries on the world

P.S: We will give only 1 dealer for one country.

Dealer price: $2,000 – $50,000 (Price varies depending on the size of the country)

We give them special discount off

1.       Company formation

2.       Accounting services

3.       250 bottles ant egg oil (for free)

  • We will direct you all orders from your country.
  • We will only ship products to you in all of your country market.
  • Our dealers can take advantage from special discount rates.
  • Our dealers have the right to set their own prices for their customer.  As you can see we keep prices very low because we maily work as a wholesale company.
  • It is a well known fact that the company formation services and their accountancy support are extremely profitable businesses nowadays. It does not matter if you are a company or an individual person, you can attract  100s of new clients in your area.

Our Group  always provide support to our dealers.


1.       You should introduce 1 company to us for the full price and you will start enjoying the discount from the second company.

2.       You should  email us your application with a copy of your passport and full address including your phone number, email address and WhatsApp address (if you have  one), a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (for company agents only).

When you become our dealer you will be allocated a registration number that you must specify when placing your order and you will receive invoice with a discount.

You could design your own website or use other ways of advertising. Please feel free to be your own manager.

Please fill the dealer application form. We will contact you as soon as possible after filling the form.


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      Hello I have done a purchase but dont know how to pay
      Have got email how and i tried but
      do not understand how you know who is paing how to verify that it’s just me who paid
      and what happens if i refuse it’s 130 us dollars it’s about not that little money to pay wrong so i did not manage to pay

      Pls, Do you have any Agent in India, and whats the name?

      I want to buy this oil. Pl send me the address where it can get in india.


      Vaishali Naik

      hi.do u have any agent in Pakistan?

      Can I use a debit card to purchase?

      i am interested in becoming your agent but i want to know if you already have an agent in lebanon, and also if i can also make a web site and be able to sell in all the arab countries , and do you have drop ship like in the usa , customer order through my web site and you send the product and when customer pays you send me my profits?

      i want to use the oil before puting it in the market to be more sure about the results , is there any special discount for me at this time , and i have two daughters one is 12 years and the other is eight and they have little hair on their body and they always ask me that they want to wax , so is it posible to wax for them and and apply the ant oil on their body and sensitive area or i should wait a little more .

      i also read that its not save to use for breast feeding mothers , can you explain why , because i am breast feeding but i only want to use it on my body now , not on my breast .and please i need the astemated shiping cost to ( Monrovia , Liberia ,West Africa , Zip code 1000).

      for twelve bottles and for 24 bottles also.
      how much quantity do i have to buy from you to become your agent , and can i be the only agent in the arab country for your products , and can i have my own name on the product , instead of yours , and do you have any other products that you sell , please i need a list and prices , because i understand that you sell snake oil also .
      thanks awaiting your urgent response


      How much time does it takes to send the ant egg oil to the Netherlands?

      Hello Grenngirl,

      There is no agent in Algeria or France.

      You could order from our web site. We can send it Algeria and France also.

      Best regards…

      Please i want to know if there are any agent for you in Algeria or not?
      or in France ?

      Hello Dania,

      We don’t have any agent in Egypt.

      You could order from our web site.


      Please i want to know if there r any agent for u in Egypt or not? Waiting for ur replay

      Hello Sophia,

      We can send Pakistan also…

      You could take and sell in Pakistan also but we don’t provide anybody for samples… You could order it.


      i was watching the details of countries you are selling in and Pakistan is nt there.so if i dont have any company but able to spread word around that is provide you with clients.can you provide me with some samples?

      Hello Sarah,

      We don’t have any agent in South Africa yet…

      If you interested in take an agent for this job…

      Please contact us.

      Best regards…

      Hi There,

      Do you have an agent or dirstributer/rep in South Africa?



      if i want buy 100 bottles, how much it will be ?

      and what about transport to saudi arabia


      Hello Dani,

      Of course, you could pay with bank transfer if you don’t have any credit card…

      You should choose the bank wire choice in payment method after your order.

      Best regards…

      can I pay with bank transfer, not with credit card,because I dont have

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