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You could buy with Bank Wire Transfer and Western Union also.

Please choose your payment methods from at the bottom when you are in checkout page.

If you choose Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union methods, after you fill the form; you will see our infos about that.

After you sent the payment, please inform us about payment details;

– Payment methods: Western Union or Bank Wire Transfer
– Payment amount.

P.S: If you send with Western Union, please send us WESTERN UNION CONTROL NUMBER (WTCN). After sending money, your bank will give you WTCN number…

If any question, feel free to contact us about payment: payment@anteggoil.com

Best regards…

Western Union


    I want to ask what would be the name of business that will show on my bank statement if I purchase this product with my bank credit card?

      Thanks for your interest Shaleshni.

    I want 3 bottles how much it cost in fj dollars pls plus shipping charges im from fiji..i wil pay through Western Union

      77.80 USD including shipping.

    Gives me your PayPal ID.

    i want 3 bottles i am from India ap

    Is this product available in any medical shop in India? if not can I get this product on ” Cash On Delivery”? Please let me know.

      Sorry Janam,
      There is no “cash on delivery” option in our payment methods.

    Hi I would like to buy this product but I dnt have any Visa card master card or anyother card. I’m from Nepal. How can I make payment for this product in this case. N how can you guarantee me to home delivery for this product. If you give me the easy way I would love to be your customer. Thank you

    Hello … After transferring money via western union how long will it take for my product to be delivered to zambia .. And where will i pick it from?

    iam in india and i have account in panjab national bank can i pay from my pnb account

    what is the price in indian rupees for one bottle

      For one bottle ant egg oil is about 1800 indian rupees… 1 USD is about 60 INR.

    how can I purchase this product

    how can I transfer money bank wire transfer&credit card?as soon as u tell me procedure

    Hello, what is the price in american dollar for one bottle?

    Hey is the product available in india. If yes,how can i get it? I want to payment by credit card is this possible?

      Hello Sumi,

      We can send it India also. You could pay with credit card with Paypal.

    sir please tell me the procedure how i can send money and recieved order in pakistan

      Hello Shah,

      You could pay with credit card (paypal), bank wire or western union.

    Hey… can u send it to india via money order..n how much wil three bottles cost overall shipping included???

    can we purchase from UAE OR Pakistan & which place???

    Hello sir, can i buy this oil hand to hand. In ludhiana panjab

    how do I get a bottle ,I live in uganda

    hi im from libya, can i purchase your product and you will send to philippines and my frend will receive it but im the one who will pay via western union here in libya, in other words the shipping receiver will be my friend in philippines but the sender or payer’s name via western union will be me, is that ok?

    can you send here in libya?

    this product is available in dubai ,if yes in which shop ?

    How can I transfer money. Please send me your bank Account number.


    Hello Samaher,

    Please pay in USD… Your bank convert your money to USD. Because our bank account is for USD only…

    Best regards…

    Hi .. i just purchesd two bottles .. and i would like to pay with Bank Wire Transfer … but i live in Germany and what i will transfer will be in Euro .. is that ok ?

    Hello Nasib,

    Your order is okay. There is no problem about transaction. Please inform us after payment…

    We will send it as soon as possible.

    We can send all over the world also Pakistan.

    Best regards…

    I just purchased one bottle of ANT EGG OIL and my transaction is pending. I will do the payment through western union on Monday. Will you be able to deliver my shipment to Pakistan?

    Hello Sweeta,

    We don’t know anything about Net Banking facility, if you can send money to our bank account with that facility; you could use it.

    Best regards…

    I am from India. Can I use Net Banking facility for purchasing your products ?

    Hello Mohammad,

    After payment to Western Union please send e-mail to us.

    We will check our account after this infos and send your products immediatly…

    Best regards…

    Hello i made a money transfer to your account from western union a week ago for 5 bottles.

    When will i get my order?

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