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Ant Egg Oil is a hair reducing product not for hair removal. It is absolute and permanent solution to unwanted hairs.

Our products contain a very unique protein which destroys the root of the hair permanently. Tala Ant Egg Oil, effect was proven in laboratory experiments with doctors. This protein does not hurt your body functions or your skin.

Some sample videos from Youtube: You could watch real review and experiences about our hair removal product.

It has been the most useful hair reducing product for women and men for centuries in Asia and the Middle East. Because of its painless (also cheap) and very easy use against hair on your body which you don’t want to have. The product is based on the time history of the Ottoman Empire.

Tala is produced in Turkey. There are two kind of products in the form of cream and oil. Both of them have the same effect. As you know; cream is solid, oil is liquid so cream is more easier to use. But they have same effect.

ant egg oil epilation

You could use the product at every age and every areas of your body. You could also use our product on babies’ armpits or genital area, they will never have hair problems in their whole life.

With continuous use of these ant egg oil or cream products, adult people will solve their hairs problem.

How to Use?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Depilate to the root of the hair with classic methods (wax, tweezers, epilation).
  2. After you have cleaned the area, put the product on the clean area and massage for about 10 minutes.
  3. Do this on 4 or 5 nights before you go to sleep.

Even after the first use, you will see the hair thinned.

For more details about using please click here: How to Use

Does It Really Work?

Ant egg oil products are absolutely working and fulfilling their function. Infact, we have already given the answer of this question in different times and manners. You might think that we are giving such answers as our marketing (selling) policy or strategy requires.

Yet, the best proof to understand whether these products are functional or not is that people (our customers) who had offered and used our products for the first time, offering our products for 2nd, 3rd and even for 4th time and more. We can show this situation as an indicator very easily.

It may not be ethical that the ant egg oil is 100% effective to get rid of unwanted hairs. It is known that even the most powerful medicine also may not show the same impact on everyone. Amount of a medicine’s impact on person can change from an individual to another one.

Yet, thousands of people had benefited from our products very clearly till today. We believe that you will find our products reasonable to try, especially compared to high-cost laser epilation. When our products start to show the impacts, the happiness you have will be spectacular.

You could see the decrease in density of  hair starting from the first use, very clearly.


Tala Ant Egg Oil is produced in Turkey.

It contains 100% natural ant oil, that’s why you could use our product on your face and even the most sensitive areas of your body. It doesn’t have any side effects.

1 or 2 bottles of ant oil are enough to solve your complete facial hair problems.

The most important thing is Tala Ant Egg Oil (Hair reducing cream)
can not be produced in laboratories because of the unique protein. There are lots of fake ant egg oil products so you should buy original ant egg oil.

It was producing in Iran also.

You could buy or order the hair reducing products from ourVisit the shop page.

For much more details about the products generally, please visit our posts.

* We can deliver all over the world.

This site is an official ant egg oil site.


    I want to buy it, Can you deliver to Afghanistan…?

      Yes, we can deliver to Afghanistan also.

    Hi, I want to order one bottle. Can you tell me how?

      Please visit our shop.

    Do you have Ant oil shop in Kuwait. If yes please give the contact address and phone number. How it is available in Kuwait

      We don’t have any shop in Kuwait.

    Im Suzimah From Malaysia.
    My company is SuzyHoney International sdn bhd and we ara dealing for herbs product. Im looking forward to have business with your company. I would like to buy your egg ant oil in bulk.
    10 to 20 Litres.

    Can your give us the best price?

    My email suzimahsh@gmail.com

    Where can i get tala in Nigeria

      We can send it Nigeria also.

    I want this my contact .

      Please visit our shop.

    hi i am faisal from pakistan i like to know about wholesale discount offer becose i would like to BUY your product in bulk quintity?

      Hello Faisal,
      Please write us an e-mail your about your company details for wholesale prices.

    Can I get ant eggoil in online shopping

      Yes Akila,
      You can get ant egg oil online from our shop.

    Hello am from México. Can you send it yo México?

    we’ll i want ur product 2 bottles but i am from india hyd where to i get it pls help me out in India i am living AP

    what is different between cream n oil which one is better for skin

    can u tell me price of tala egg oil of 1bottle???is it effective on face???

    Is it safe for pregnant woman and baby using?

    i want tala ant egg oil…piz contact me . i want to order for 1000 bottals.

    hi can u deliver it to Kabul Afghanistan? i want the pack of 120 US$. i really need it to get rid off my body hair.

    waiting for your reply

    can i pay through your bank account? Tnx. How many days u can deliver it to the phils.?

    Hi I’d love to use your product if it really does work. was wondering will it still work if I have policystic overies? And will it cause spots?

    Has anybody out there used and think it is effective?

    i want purchase this product and sale in india so i want this product si please contact me i want to order this thing

      I want to buy this product.

    hy, i am from nepal. how make bottle is require for whole body and how much it cost in nepali currency including all tax.

    Hello, i wnt to buy Tala Ant egg Oil for permanent hair removing. I m living in PAkistan Kohat City. can i rcv through any urs provided source?

    original tala oil get in india kindly send your e-mail regards?

    I wnt to brought thiss hve u any branch in pakistan

    Hi, I’d like to know where I can find your stores in Istanbul?

    Hi, after 6 months of use will hair stop growing permanently???

    Hi, I’m from the United Kingdom and was wondering how much it would cost for 2 bottles plus delivery? Thanks

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