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  1. I bought ant egg oil 1 year ago, i complain about hair over lip and chin. My hair decreased. I didn’t say my bridal that. 3 months later she asked “What did you do over lip and chin?” I was happy 🙂 You should buy and try this.
  2. A friend of mine from Denmark tried TALA ant egg oil and it worked for him. Are you still shipping the oil worldwide because I want to try it for myself?
  3. I am truly experiencing wonderful results. This stuff in my best opinion truly does work! However it will at times break your face out! It does clear up quite quickly. I have noticed less and less hair with each use. I pluck my hair out, exfoliate my skin and then massage it into the area for 10 minutes. This truly is a miracle in the bottle if you follow instructions properly. Again I find exfoliating my face after I pluck my hair before massaging in the product speeds up the process. Thank you Tala. You have truly been a blessing. I will pass on the word and try to tell everybody who needs to get rid of hair for good! Thank you!
  4. I have been using ant egg oil for 5 months. I didn’t trust before using that but now a great deal of hair decreased. My hair completely will disappear in near future. I am glad to use ant egg oil.
  5. My hair slimmed and reduced after i had used ant egg oil. While i was waxing I was afflicting but now i don’t afflict because of using that. Because i am pregnant i don’t use it but later i am going to use that.
  6. Hello! I bought some cheap imitation Tala on Ebay that shipped from Turkey, but it didn’t have the Green Tala word printed on top of the cap, and didn’t have any expiration date, and it certainly didn’t come in a box with the Holgram image on it either. I have used this fake Tala for about 6 months now thinking it was the real thing but it has only slightly decreased my hair density. I am going with the real thing now with . Please don’t get scammed people. Ebay products are all fake as far as I can tell. Sure you’ll pay more from this website but it’s worth having the real deal! Thanks for offering this great product!
  7. I waxed two weeks ago and i used tala ant egg hair reducing cream every night in five days. I had been waxing once a week before then but now there isn’t any hair in my body.


Q: Which countries do you send your products?
A: We can send all over the world…
Q: How can i order these ant egg oil products?
A: Please visit our shop:
Q: What is the shipping fee?
A: It is 7,90 USD for all over the world. It is fix for every country.
Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We have three methods to accept money. One of them is Paypal (with credit cards) and the other one is Bank Wire transfer or Western Union.
Q: Is this ant egg oil smell like ant ?
A: No. It doesn’t smell like ant.
Q: How many bottles oil or boxes cream will be enough for me?
A: amount you should use the product to use varies by area. If you use it for the beard and mustache, a bottle or a box cream will be enough for you. But if it for the arms, legs or other parts of your body, you should buy a larger amount of use.

Q: Can I use this product pregnant?
A: No. You couldn’t use ant egg oil for pregnant.

Q: Does ant egg oil have any side effects?
A: No. It hasn’t any side effect. Only, pregnants don’t have to use it.
Q: I just wanted to know how long I should wait until i start seeing results and how often I should repeat the session.
A: After you have cleaned the area, put Tala Ant Egg Oil on the clean area and massage for about 10 minutes. Do this on 4 or 5 nights before you go to sleep. It will be enough for first session. You will notice that your hair is getting less. The following months you will do the same thing in 4 to 6 more sessions (it will take about 6 months) and you won’t have any hair on your body anymore, forever.
Q: I would like to purchase this product but I live in Europe. Is it possible to order from here?
A: Yes, it is possible to order from Europe and anywhere in the world. We could send our  ant egg oil and cream products all over the world.
Q: I wonder how to use the Tala ant egg oil? Should I apply it with a piece of cotton to the area?
A: Yes, absolutely it would be enough to put a little of it on a cotton wool and apply by messaging to the skin.
Please write us for your questions…

88 thoughts on “Reviews / Comments / FAQ

  1. Hey
    Just I want to correct something, you said for “Dede” that he/she can remove hair with nair then to use ant oil egg, but nair it is similar to shaving so he or she have to wax it and completely remove hair from roots, thx!
    I didn’t used this product yet , but I am willing to do soon!

  2. Hello Geisha,

    They are selling the same product. They are all original ant egg oil…

    You could order from which you want…

    Best regards…

  3. Hi, I would like to order this but there is another website selling Tala ant egg oil:
    I am not sure which one is the original one :S
    or if they are the same…

  4. Hello Nuno,

    No shave. Please wax it before using it.

    If you want to to make the hairs weaker, you have to use it 1 or 2 sessions…

    Best regards…

  5. Hello Miguel,

    Before you use ant egg oil, you have to wax. Not shave…

  6. hello manager,

    Before I use this product do I have to shave or wax?

  7. Sorry, and how do I take out my hair?May I shave it or what process must I do?

  8. I only want to apply this to my legs.I’m a man and I think that I have too much hair there , but I dont intend to lose it all.I just want to make the hairs weaker and less.How much should I use?How many sessions?

  9. Hello Isis,

    It works with male facial hair…

    For example from one of our customers;

    One of our customers’ comment from Australia who bought 2 bottles ant egg oil…

    Ant Egg Oil Team: Hello Ainul. Did you use ant egg oil? What do you think about it?
    Ainul: Yes, i am. I guess it’s working. My facial hair are less than before but i know it’ll take longer to completely eliminate them, right?
    Ant Egg Oil Team: Yes. That is so good to hear good news : )

    Best regards…

  10. Does it work with male facial hair? Cause I was told only electrolysis will work and that like way to much of a cost for hair loss

  11. Hello Dede,

    You can use nair then use the ant oil. You have to remove hair from roots.

    Best regards…

  12. can i use nair then use the ant oil?

  13. Hello Peter,

    Firstly you will show thick hair into fine thin hair… After that, it will disappear…

    Best regards…

  14. Will ant egg cream reduce thick corse hair into fine thin hair?

  15. Hello Htem,

    You could remove your hairs from the roots before using our ant egg oil products…

    Best regards…

  16. Should I remove the hair with hair removal cream before using ant cream or ant cream cream will do all the job?

  17. Hello again Svetlana,

    Dont worry about using in the morning, i will show the same result. It hasnt to be only before going to bed.

    Best regards…

  18. Hi I was just wondering if I can use tala in the morning,or it has to be only before going to bed ? thanks

  19. Hello Jam,

    We can send it to India also.

    Yes. You could apply it on face and other critical areas of body.

    That has no any side effects.

    The products for external use, no need pre-requirement of consulting any skin-specialist.

    Best regards…

  20. hello Sir/mam,

    Can u send this oil/cream to Indian address?

    Can we apply the ant-egg oil on face and any other critical areas of body?
    Any harmful effect of this in future?
    Any pre-requirement of consulting any skin-specialist?

  21. Hello Lg,

    Yes, the first session is mean use it for one week in a month after waxed hair from the roots.

    Best regards…

  22. Hello,

    I have questions about how to use the ant oil. When you say first session does that mean you use it for one week in a month? In other words do I use the ant oil once a month for 6 months?

  23. Hello Deena,

    You could use it on eyebrows and on hair around the nipple…

    Best regards…

  24. hello
    i wanted to know if this oil is also safe on eyebraws , and on hair around the nipple

  25. Hello Pamela,

    We can send our products to all over the world.

    You could order from our web site. We can send it to Costa Rica.

    Shipping cost is to every country is: $7.90

    Best regards…

  26. Hi, I wonder if they make deliveries to Costa Rica? and how much shipping would cost. and how much is shipping to U.S.?

  27. Hello,

    You couldn’t use ant egg oil while breast feeding.

    Thanks for your interesting.

    You could but it from website.

    Best regards…

  28. Hi, can I use this product while breast feeding?

    I really want to try this product when I have enough money to buy it, I read in a Islamic medicine book that in ancient history people used to use ant product to reduce hair growth. Interesting!

  29. Hello again Farid,

    You couldn’t find in large amounts in Turkey also.

    Maybe, our 4+1 free creams and 5+1 free bottles can be enough for you.

    Best regards…

  30. Hi, again to the manager.

    You don’t sell in Bulk, I understand but you only sell the ant egg oil on the internet and not in stores ?

    If I came personally to Turkey to buy it can I found in some stores you can recommend I can find in large ammounts ? I can pay money if you can find me some who can do that for me,thanks again.

  31. okay cool, but how much would 4+1 cost me? it doesnt show in the offer list how much it is for 4+1! if the 3 bottles cost $70 then how much would 4+1

    1. Hello again Anna,

      4+1 free campaign is for ant egg cream. There is no 4+1 free campaign for ant egg oil bottles.

      There is a 5+1 free campaign for ant egg oil. That’s price is: $119,90

      Best regards…

  32. Hello Anna,

    If you want to use ant egg oil your whole body, you should order 5+1 free bottles and 4+1 free boxes may be enough for you.

    One bottle is effective for facial hair reducing. You could understand from this example how many bottles you need.

    If you order 5+1 and 4+1 free campaign, that will be more cheaper. It is advantageous for you.

    Best regards…

  33. Hi again,

    If i want to use it for my whole body, how many bottles should i order? if i order the offer 5 + 1, how many of that should i order for my full body.. and what discount would you give me? thanks

  34. Hello Anna,

    The order takes 8-10 days to get to UK.

    We can send it all over the world. We sent lots of orders to United Kingdom.

    Best regards…

  35. could you please tell me how long does the order take to get to UK? thanks

  36. Hello Paola,

    We can send our products all over the world, also France.

    You could order from France. It will be there in 8-10 days…

    Best regards…

  37. Hi from France, Could you confirm shipping cost for France ? Thanks in advance. Yours faithfully P DE-BARROS MERLE

  38. Hello Farid,

    We do not sell our products in bulk. You could order our 5+1 free bottles ant egg oil and 4+1 free boxes ant egg cream.

    If you order too much products, we can give you a discount coupon. Please contact us for it.

    Best regards…

  39. Hello Ewa,

    The currency is in American Dollars (USD $) . They are in USD.

    You could order with USD.

    The paypal convert your money to USD from your credit card.

    Best regards…

  40. Hello,
    what currency are the prices in? Are they in Turkish Lira?

  41. Hi, can I buy two big bottles, each one 2 litres ? that is 4 litre total because i want to do full body waxing and repeat process 4-6 times in 6 months and this small bottle is not enough thank you.

  42. Hello Sky,

    Bank transfer is for Manuel payment with banks. It is bank wire transfer, you could use it without credit card.

    Best Regards…

  43. I tried ordering and I dont know what a bank transfer is? please explain

  44. Hello Nooritah,

    You could buy what you want. Both of them cream and oil have same effect…

    There are no difference them.

    Best Regards…

  45. hi
    i’m confused. shall i buy ant agg oil or cream? or both ? whats the diference between them ?

  46. Hello! I bought some cheap imitation Tala on Ebay that shipped from Turkey, but it didn’t have the Green Tala word printed on top of the cap, and didn’t have any expiration date, and it certainly didn’t come in a box with the Holgram image on it either. I have used this fake Tala for about 6 months now thinking it was the real thing but it has only slightly decreased my hair density. I am going with the real thing now with . Please don’t get scammed people. Ebay products are all fake as far as I can tell. Sure you’ll pay more from this website but it’s worth having the real deal! Thanks for offering this great product!

  47. Hello asia,

    You could use this part to ask your questions or send us email to

    Best Regards…

  48. how can I contact you ?
    need to ask a question about order.

  49. Hello Mamdouh,

    Yes we have also snake oil for hair. Snake oil is for winning your lost hair.

    If you want to snake oil, you could order tala ant egg oil because their prices are the same.

    After your order, please send me notification about snake oil.

    Best Regards…

  50. hello i want to ask have you also snake oil for hair

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