Original Tala Ant Egg Oil

There are 3 important points in Original Ant Egg Oil.

1 – Cover of Bottle

Original tala ant egg oil is locked. On cover there is a green Tala word. Words are clear and understandable.

2 – Expiration Date

On original tala ant egg oil label there is a production date and expiration date you should see. Label is clear and quality.

3 – Hologram

On the box, there is a “Mucize Urunler” sealed Hologram. Do not buy Tala products on which are not Hologram. Do not risk your health.

P.S: Avaid from fake products for your health.

Original Tala


    i want 1 bottle in Afghanistan

    Hi! Do you sell this product in Albania?

    Even I wants 2 buy tala .is there any yours dealer in Mumbai pls reply me

    where we can purchase in Jeddah saudi arabia

    there is no green colour tala written on cap. expiry date and hologram is available. Is it original?


    I wish to buy Tala and use it is there any dealer in Mumbai India from where I can buy this oil ??

    it is suitable for my 10 year old girl. how can i use it for her? how many days i have to apply for me

    it is suitable for my 8 year old girl.how can i use it for her.how many days i have to apply for me to overcome this problem.


    envian a México? cuanto es el costo de un frasquito en pesos mexicanos ?

    Hi I’m from Romania. How can i get it?


    hi i m in indonesia where can i buy tala in indonesia

    i want original ant egg oil where can i get it in hydearbad india

    i wanna buy tala ant egg oil original one where can i get it in hyderabad india

    Hi there, so from my understanding I’m supposed to wax and then apply the oils following the waxing. Does it sting or burn at all? And how many times do I repeat this process before the hair is permanently removed?

    Hello Nadya,

    Of course, we are still selling these ant egg oil products…

    It will takes 8-10 days to arrive it to Australia…

    Best regards…

    are you still selling this product? how long it takes to post it to Australia?

    Hello Lucy,

    After first using, you will see the result and effects…

    hello, i want to know long i will see the results?

    Hello Mona,

    You could order from our web site (www.anteggoil.com)

    We can send our products all over the world, Israel also…

    Best regards…

    i’m from israel .. how can i get it?

    Hello GigiSteph,

    Yes, Ant egg oil will prevent it from growing. You could use it 3-4 days after epilation…

    Best regards…

    I just began using Tala’s AE oil today. My question is, if I use it on places that do not currently grow hair, will this prevent it from growing. If so, how many times do I have to use it???

    Hello Mai,

    We don’t have any dealer in Bahrain. But you could order from our website.

    We can send our products all over the world…

    Best regards…

    i want to buy i am in Bahrain do you have a dealer here?

    Hello Dana,

    If you want to use ant egg oil your whole body, you should order 5+1 free bottles and 4+1 free boxes may be enough for you.

    One bottle is effective for facial hair reducing. You could understand from this example how many bottles you need.

    If you order 5+1 and 4+1 free campaign, that will be more cheaper. It is advantageous for you.

    Best regards…

    How many bottles approximately do I need for my full body as a full course to remove the hair totally??

    Hello Kaussar,

    You could pay with Paypal. It will convert US dollars to pounds.

    We dont sell in England. You could order from web site.

    We can send all over the world.

    Best regards…


    how much would it be in pounds

    and can i get anywhere in england

    Hello Morrison,

    You could use the products in those area of the body.

    Best regards…

    Can ant egg oil be applied in genitals not just in bikini area and anus part and inside and outside vaginal?

    hi i want to know if you put it in a babies genitals and underarms and legs they are not to have any body at all in the parts that i applied it to or not work that way? also is this just a reducer of hair or is it a permanent 100% hair removel not just reducer?

    Hello Sophia,

    There are all of them are fake in ebay without our products.

    You could order our web site.

    Best Regards…

    So, the Tala ant egg oils, which they sell in ebay are fake?

    I just ordered some from this site through paypal. I soooo hope it works. I had recently ordered some from ebay and cancelled order after hearing of the fake oil on the market.

    Hello Rasha,

    Tala is not available at Syria stores. You could order from our web site. The shipping price is 4.90 for all over the world.

    Best Regards…

    Hi,I live in syria, is it Tala available in syria ,if isn’t how I can get it ,and how it costs with delivery service?

    Hello Mikel,

    Your payment came to us from your bank wire transfer.

    It will be there in 7-10 days in Spain.

    Best Regards…

    Hi: I did the purchase of 2 bottles, would you be so kind to let me know how long it takes to arrive to spain?
    Pls also confirm the bank transfer was ok.

    @ Meme

    Of course this ant egg oil doesn’t smell like ant.

    Is this ant egg oil smell like ant ?

    @ Brigita

    We can send it to Croatia (Hirvatistan) too…

    @ Betina

    You could order from Norway, we can ship it all over the world.

    Best Regards…

    @ haesun:

    ant egg oil is not supposed to smell like gasoline.. the original oil is pretty much odorless.. i bought this product myself from turkey when i was there, the girl in the shop told me that some sellers do put gasoline or benzene in the bottle to increase its amount she warned me from this point so don’t you use that oil you have because it is fake and may harm you..
    good luck

    does tala ant egg oil smell like gasoline?
    I think I bought tala ant egg oil from ebay. and
    it smell like gasoline. or some disel gasoline.
    how does tala ant egg oil suppose to smell like?

    Do you send it to Croatia (Hirvatistan)?

    I do live in Norway, how can i buy this oil??

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